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Pet Sitting

Sometimes, life happens, or you simply want some time away from home, and when it does you want the peace of mind in knowing that your pet and is being loved and taken care of to the same standard as you  yourself would, and that is what we are here for !

We offer not only pet sitting* in your home, but pet boarding* in my home as well. Pet sitting entails me coming into your home and staying for the dates/times you have chosen, and caring for your pet in the same way you would. That could be walking your dog a couple times a day, having playtime and feeding them, or letting your guinea pig out for a little exercise in the house. This can be great for some pets that become anxious in new environments, being in the safety of their own home allows them feel more comfortable and at ease. Pet boarding would be your pet staying in my home for the dates/times you choose, and I provide care there. That can include a quick bath and haircut after a weekend stay for your dog(see grooming page), or letting your lizard bask in the sun in my backyard terrarium.

I also offer house visits*, where I simply stop by your home a couple times a day to feed the cat, scoop litter boxes, feed the snake his mouse, walk the dog, or even water the plants and check the mail. House visits start at just $20 per visit for all pets, any need you or them may have ! (visits are a minimum of 30min each but can be extended for longer)


Whatever your pet care needs are, we are here to provide them !

*this pricing is for up to 2 pets in the household, each pet after the first 2 is a $2 surcharge per night

Download Client Onboarding form to begin pet sitting request
(please email form to to initiate request)

Pay for services here via Paypal

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*other payment methods available

Please take a moment to review policies and procedures page before stay or visit.

*Due to the pandemic, at this time I have paused all boarding services and am only offering pet sitting or drop in visits. Pet sitting, and House visits all require a prior consultation(meet & greet) for new clients, the first one is free of charge. This is so your pet can meet and become acquainted with me, as well as exchanging some information I may need for a successful visit or stay. This gives more assurance to the service going as smoothly as possible, and everybody being comfortable and satisfied. Client boarding form can be sent to my email to initiate request.

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