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About Us 

I first began in the pet care business in 2013 as a dog groomer for PetSmart, and I absolutely fell in love with the profession. After 2 years I decided I really wanted to grow and expand and go into the pet care business myself, as my own boss. Before I knew it, what started as a hobby or side job while I was in school began to grow into so much more. Working at PetSmart made me realize that my love for animals was more than just a hobby, but my future career path.

I started walking dogs in the summer of 2015 and found myself loving meeting new clients and building relationships with both the pets and owners. I started with only 2 clients and in the blink of the eye I had 5, and then a full schedule everyday. But when you are doing what you love it never really feels like work. I began offering some of my grooming services and decided that this was it, this was the business for me! It blossomed into not only walking dogs, but grooming, and eventually dog sitting. I treat every pet as if they were my own and enjoy the time spent with every new friend and family I meet!

Mission Statement

Dani's Dogs mission statement is to provide quality and custom service to every pet we meet by showing them the same love and affection you do as the pet parents and being knowledgeable about each pet and their needs.

The Team

Danielle Amos-Lawrence

Owner and pet care provider

Hi, I am Danielle and ever since I can remember I have had this passion and love for animals and taking care of them. I own a greek tortoise named Mortimer, and a guinea pig very appropriately named chunky. They are my little loves and a huge part of why I extend my business not only to dogs and cats, but our other furry and scaly friends as well. I love every pet as though they were my own and love meeting the many different furry and scaly personalities.

Our Team
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